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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Christian Prodigy, and what is the ultimate philosophy of this school?
The entire purpose of this school is to create CHRISTIAN PRODIGIES that grow up to become World Changing Powerhouses for God.  A Christian Prodigy is a child that has truly mastered who they are in Christ from a very young age.  They are not easily swayed by the ways of the world, and remain fully planted and prepared for these last days.  They have developed a deep, genuine, and priceless relationship with God.  They know their true selves, their dreams, and even have a pretty good idea of their calling in life.  They use their God-given talents to reach their potential, and in essence, dedicate their skills towards creating a better world

What exactly is Christian Prodigies Junior Academy? 
Christian Prodigies Junior Academy is a HOME-BASED Private School, Homeschool Child Care, and Preschool that is entirely dedicated to ONE classroom and accepts up to 16 students total regardless of the program chosen.  This school uniquely provides the most beautiful collaboration of a STRUCTURED PRIVATE SCHOOL SETTING, frequent 1-on-1 TUTORING, CUSTOMIZED SCHOOLWORK, and OUTDOOR EXCURSIONS multiple times a week (typically with Homeschoolers)!!!   Academic ratios are never more than 1 Teacher to 6 Students.  This extremely small capacity helps to ensure optimal results in the most controlled of environments.  We don't believe in holding back any child's potential simply because it is the social norm.  Our academic curriculum was created by a Credentialed Teacher to better ensure each child is academically where they should be or better.  Our students are trained in leadership, entrepreneur skills and real life preparation skills to REALISITICALLY take on the world from a practical approach as well as any other.

What are all your programs?  What are the key differences?

Christian Prodigies Junior Academy is broken up into 3 school programs and one homeschool group.  The three school programs are; the PRIVATE SCHOOL, the HOMESCHOOL CHILDCARE, and the PRESCHOOL.  Pricing is the same for all programs and each get to enjoy the great CP benefits of a solid Christian Foundation, Daily Spritual Hour, Scripture Mastery, Weekly Service Projects, Weekly Sports Classes, Frequent Electives, Social Sciences, Adult Preparation, Entrepreneur/Leadership Workshops and of course multi-weekly outdoor excursions!!!  All 3 programs are usually combined for the entire day, with the exception of CORE ACADEMICS (10:00a - 12:30p, 4 days a week).  During this time, programs are divided into their three programs and pose a few differences:

           PRIVATE SCHOOL (for children born in years 2006 - 2010):  Set School Schedule/Full Time ONLY

         Christian Prodigies gives assessments and from that a curriculum based on each Prodigy's grade level standards/subject, strengths, weaknesses, and academic progress.  This will ook

           different for each child, therefore, daily 1 on 1 instruction is given to every single child in this program.  Extensive effort is given for each child to master core academic standards

           (English, Language Arts, Reading and Math).  Once  core academic mastery is completed (usually by around the 7th/8th grade); all subjects, internships, and related work

           experience are arranged to fit child's interests.  For example; Chemistry is given to future Chemists, a business license/related books are given to Entrepreneurs, cooking practice to

           future Chefs and so on.  In addition to academic mastery and career preparation, college preparation is also established.  This program is the most concentrated of all the programs,

            as it allows all Private School Prodigies to be fully immersed in the development of all aspects that contribute to a future success.

HOMESCHOOL CHILDCARE PROGRAM (for children between the ages of 5 - 17yrs):  Drop-In, Full Time, and Part Time Care Available
This program works great for child entertainers (actors, actresses, singers, models, etc), families that travel often, children that struggle with traditional school, and even just families that want their children to be homeschooled.  Parents have the luxury of creating exactly what they want their children to learn during school time.  Here at Christian Prodigies, they are still able to provide this while students still maintain a well-rounded social environment, a firm foundation in Christ, schedule flexibility, classroom structure, and the childhood of their dreams.  A teacher will be assigned to help every child as needed.

PRESCHOOL: Pre-K/ Kindergarten (4 - 5yrs):  Drop-In, Full Time, and Part Time Care Available
It is extremely possible for children to be at a first grade level before even entering Kindergarten.  Christian Prodigies can prove it!!  This program's main focus is to develop each child's love for learning, reading, God and life!!!  We believe each child holds TREMENDOUS potential, that unfortunately deteriorates with each year of traditional school.  This program pushes each child to expand their thinking, their stereotypical abilities, and go beyond limits.  As children are free to be who they are, while still pushing themselves to be their best,.... sky's the limit!  This Preschool will not "baby" their 4 & 5 yr olds.  Children that come into this program have high expectations.  The fruits here will speak for themself.  Expect your child to be reading here BEFORE they enter kindergarten.  Expect them to have learned all Kindergarten basics.  Expect them to have a real love for God and others.  Expect your child's best, then watch as with God's help, Christian Prodigies develops just that!!! 

This group is available to all like-minded individuals who want to make a difference in the world and develop wholesome relationships along the way.  Events include; field trips, fun trips, outreach programs, service projects, occupational learning sites, social gatherings, and uplifting/Christian activities.  This group is completely free to join.  Field Trip destinations/activities occasionally involve a fee.  No location boundaries, no weekly commitments, no specific homeschool styles, religion, etc. We just ask for everyone to be nice and respectful.  For more information please join our our Facebook group directly:  


Do you require vaccinations?
For ages 4.75yrs and older who attend a school/homeschool we do not, however, according to the 2016 California vaccination laws, unless you have a doctor's approved exemption, all public schools, preschools, and even private schools now require all students to be vaccinated except "home-based" private schools/homeschools, even if traditional schools have a "personal beliefs exemption" .  Because students are enrolled with our "home-based" private school, Christian Prodigies falls under this rare exemption and therefore does not require it.  Students are welcome to join Christian Prodigies whether children are vaccinated or not.  For our other programs (child care and group), vaccinations would not be applicable as children will already be enrolled in another school.  For students enrolled into our preschool, they unfortunately will be required to show proof of immunization regardless of a family's stance, at least until they are enrolled into our Kindergarten program.

How do you teach different grades at the same time?
During academic classroom time, each group has extremely low ratios (as low as 1 teacher to 3 students).  Christian Prodigies' programs are combined outside of academic learning (with the school and outside homeschoolers as well).  Positive and safe socialization with other individuals is extremely beneficial and essential for the proper development of children.  This helps to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to reach their potential learning abilities, while at the same time develop the imperative social skills needed to function in the real world. 

Where does the program take place?
At this time our school is focused on the Santa Monica area and offers free bus service to and from school.  For outdoor programs, we travel throughout the Southern California region; mainly LA County, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego County.  For indoor classroom time, this will temporarily take place in a "home-based" La Mirada apartment.  By the end of Summer 2019, our school will be moving to West LA/South Bay area, where we will still continue as a Home-Based private school/child care.  Exact time and location is to be determined.

Can you tell me about your "Open Door Policy" and parent participation?
Parents are always encouraged to come and help volunteer, join us on field trips, and watch their children play sports.  Although class sizes are small, we could always use the help.  Parents will be kept in a tight loop of what goes on with their children and where they will be.  They are also welcome to "spy" on their children at any time.

In addition, an annual blog/album is posted online for parents to bask in the precious memories their children are creating during this priceless time in their life.  They will also be given a gifted annual picture calendar that maps out future events for the upcoming school year and MANY more pictures of all the fun they had in the past year.

What happens when it rains?
Depending on the safety aspect and other weather conditions, fieldtrips may be altered, but not necessarily cancelled.  Parents should always have a working contact and will be immediately notified (typically through text) if plans are to change.  There may be an occasion or two where children will have the opportunity to play in the rain.  Parents will be asked to always dress their child accordingly.

How will I know if this program is right for my family? 
Because this is a very rare and selective program, it is imperative for the student to be a good fit for the school and vice versa.  Interviews and assessments are required before enrolling and from there get a better idea if this is the right school for them.  This is a "no-nonsense" school with very strict polices and high expectations from both the children and their parents/caregivers. 

This school is particularly beneficial for families and children that:
   *   Thrive on being physically active and is opposed to schoolwork overload/sitting at a desk 6+ hours daily
   *   Want their children to be raised with a solid Christian upbringing, positive friends and a safe environment
   *   Want the highest quality of education and care; better than public school, private school, nannies or even what a personal tutor can provide
   *   Don't want their children to be vaccinated
   *   Want to protect their children from bullying, abuse, and bad influences
   *   Want their children to have structure, discipline, be smart, be kind, be loving, and overall better individuals
   *   Don't agree with what is being taught in traditional schools or the way it is taught (common core, large class sizes, and controversial lessons)
   *   Want to give their child a happy, healthy, childhood
   *   Families seeking for better adult preparation for the real world (breaking societal brainwash, building leadership skills, proper career training, entrepreneurship, real life skills etc.)
   *   Want their children homeschooled, but can't do it themselves for whatever reason 

This may not be a good fit if your child lacks discipline and/or you're not ok with the necessary change, if you disagree with any aspect of our philosophies, if you have a problem with your child traveling often, and if you cannot realistically afford the school expenses.  Children are expected to do their very best for up to 7 hours of rigorous academic drills, and are still expected to behave accordingly when attending our outdoor explorations, to be respectful to staff and others, and to give their very best in every aspect of learning.  

How do you discipline children?
The best strategy is to keep them busy and take heed to their needs.  Many school problems arise because of the LACK of supervision, which obviously would not apply at our school.  In any case, immediate reinforcement is our main method with motivational tokens, prizes, and privileges given for positive behaviors.  Demerits, timeouts, and fewer privileges are given for negative behaviors or defiant academic lag.  If your child still cannot follow instructions, unfortunately the family will be asked to withdraw.  It would be unfair to the other students and potentially dangerous for the safety of a constantly busy classroom.  All fees, deposit, and used tuition in these cases would be non-refundable.  
What are all the financial requirements for these programs?
Payments are due by the 1st of the month with a 5 day grace period, after which a late fee of $25 will be applied.  If payment is not made in a timely fashion, your child will unfortunately be at risk for disenrollment.  Must fill out a "Notice of Disenrollment Form" at least 30 days in advance.
In person Cash, Direct Deposit, and PayPal are the only acceptable methods of payment at this time.  All PayPal payments will be charged the 2.75% Paypal service fee.
For paypal payments, please submit to:

Do you offer discounts?
Unlike most schools, this private school is limited to an EXTREMELY small amount of students yet still offers the VERY BEST and MOST UNCHARTED QUALITY OF EDUCATION (no exaggeration).    In fact, there's no other school quite like it.  Pricing is set low for the unheard of quality of service provided. Please see the HOME PAGE for discount details.

For those that cannot afford our private school, homeschool childcare, or our Elementary Prep Program, we still welcome all students to join our homeschool group which is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

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